Women Owned Dumpsters Delivery Agreement

1. Dumpster Delivery and Pickup: The customer acknowledges that delivery times are not guaranteed to an exact time. Women Owned Dumpsters will promptly pick up and deliver the dumpster at the earliest convenience.

2. Dumpster Placement: In cases where the driver encounters challenges unloading at the customer’s selected area, such as the driveway, low-hanging wires or trees, uneven ground, or city regulations, Women Owned Dumpsters will skillfully determine the optimal placement for the dumpster. If necessary, wooden boards may be requested to elevate the dumpster off the ground.

3. Equipment Responsibility: Upon accepting the equipment and its contents on their property, the customer acknowledges the care, custody, and control they assume over the equipment owned by Women Owned Dumpsters. The customer accepts full responsibility for the equipment and its contents, thereby agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless Women Owned Dumpsters against any claims for loss, damage, injury, or death of persons resulting from the customer’s use, operation, or possession of any equipment provided under this agreement.

4. Vehicle Responsibility: Women Owned Dumpsters employees may operate company vehicles on customer premises. The customer acknowledges and assumes responsibility for any damage that may occur to their property due to Women Owned Dumpsters’ vehicle operations. This encompasses, but is not limited to, roads, culverts, fences, mailboxes, guttering, basketball goals, landscaping, driveways, curbs, lawn, sprinkler systems, shrubbery, and other features that may be contacted during the servicing of customers’ containers.

5. Waste Responsibility: The customer affirms that all materials deposited in the container are non-hazardous, and no liquid waste will be introduced into the container. Moreover, the roll-off dumpster is not suitable for the disposal of the following items: tires, large appliances, large batteries, etc.

6. Dumpster Overflow: In the event of exceeding safety guidelines by filling the dumpster beyond its capacity, Women Owned Dumpsters reserves the right to remove excess material, placing it next to the dumpster location. This precaution is taken to ensure safe transportation.

7. Dumpster Sizing and Restrictions: The customer acknowledges that variations in dumpster height, width, and length may occur, while understanding that the collectable yardage and tonnage remain consistent.

8. Additional Fees:

  • Additional tonnage: Women Owned Dumpsters will charge a tonnage fee for each dumpster that exceeds weight restrictions. There is a minimum fee of $10.00 if the dumpster weight exceeds the limits, up to $60.00 per each ton over the weight limit thereafter.
  • Dumpster rental extension: If a customer requests to extend the dumpster rental beyond the initial 10-day period, Women Owned Dumpsters will charge $10 for each additional day.
  • Dumpster relocation: Customers will be charged $200 if they request that Women Owned Dumpsters move a container to a different location.
  • Restricted items: Certain items placed in dumpster may incur additional charges due to dump restrictions. The specific guidelines and list of unacceptable materials can vary depending on your location and the size of the dumpster rented.

See more information here: (web page terms of service link with more information/list)

*If a person or persons other than the customer are loading the dumpster, the customer is responsible for ensuring that such individuals review and comply with the waiver rules and liability.